Sunday, February 26, 2012

Potlatch 21

I've spent most of this weekend attending Potlatch 21, a literary event for readers and writers of speculative fiction.  On the first day, I participated in a writers workshop led by David Levine.  There were six authors involved, and I was impressed with the talent and creativity represented around the table.  The stories were well-written and the critiques were insightful.  I discovered that it may not be as difficult to fix the broken story I submitted as I'd first thought and I'm encouraged to give it a go.

I've enjoyed the company of a group of writers who are dedicated to their craft, and I've been soaking up the energy.  Writing is a very solitary art when you boil it down--you sit by yourself and type (or scribble) in the pleasant company of the voices in your head.  Finding other people who understand this, and being able to spend some actual time talking with them, is refreshing and rejuvenating.

I'm looking forward to focusing that influx of energy into new stories.  Ideas are already percolating.  One of those ideas even has an end in sight.  Hooray!